Sentinel DTS Sensors

The Sentinel Distributed Temperature Sensor is the most technologically advanced and reliable distributed temperature sensing system available today, with a temperature resolution finer than 0.01°C.

This DTS system has been designed with safety in mind and tested to some of the industry’s most rigorous standards. With the addition of a multiplexing module it can easily be configured to produce multiple double-ended measurements. User configurable zones and alarms functionality are also available for a wide variety of applications.

Sentinel Distributed Temperature Sensing Range
Product Name DTS Description Data Sheet (pdf)
Sentinel DTS-LR (Long Range) 0-10 km View data sheet
Sentinel DTS-XR (Extreme Range) 0-30 km View data sheet
Sentinel DTS-XR (SM) (Extreme Range) Singlemode 0-30 km View data sheet