Sentinel DTS Sensors

cable close up shot

The Sentinel Distributed Temperature Sensor is the most technologically advanced and reliable distributed temperature sensing system available today, with a temperature resolution finer than 0.01°C.

This DTS system has been designed with safety in mind and tested to some of the industry’s most rigorous standards. With the addition of a multiplexing module it can easily be configured to produce multiple double-ended measurements. User configurable zones and alarms functionality are also available for a wide variety of applications.

The Sentinel DTS range of products covers up to 45km, it is designed for multimode or singlemode cables and offers specific solutions for downhole applications. Please refer to the Datasheet for details or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sentinel Distributed Temperature Sensing Range
Product Name DTS Description Data Sheet (pdf)
Sentinel DTS range up to 45km, Singlemode or Multimode View data sheet