Oryx+ DTS Sensors

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Oryx+ DTS

The Oryx+ DTS is a compact Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system, designed to offer an advanced and reliable solution for the monitoring in harsh environments, ideal for applications from desert to sub-zero conditions.

The Oryx+ is an autonomous, low powered device (12-24V DC) allowing the system to be powered by solar or wind power.

Designed to be weather and dust proof for cost effective deployment (IP65 case as a standard), the Oryx+ is also available with an housing enclosure (IP66 (NEMA 4) or higher)

Simple and intuitive user interface, communications options for multiple Oryx+ installations and data visualisation. Proven industrial standard software ensures reliable and continuous operation.

OryxPlus  Distributed Temperature Sensing Features And Benefits
  • High performance
    Industry leading temperature resolution as fine as 0.004°C enables interpretation in the most difficult applications./li>
  • Wide operating temperature
    Designed for outdoor installation from desert to sub-zero conditions.
  • Fine spatial resolution
    1m spatial resolution allows accurate l of changing temperature events.
  • Fast measurement speed
    Measurements as short as 10 seconds to enable real time monitoring of transient events, particularly in safety critical applications.
  • High Capacity Solid State Storage
    Data stored on-board in event of communications/power failure.
  • Multiple channels
    4 channels available to increase system flexibility.
  • Low power requirements (12-24V DC)
    Enables solar panel / wind power operation. Cost effective performance.
  • IP65 rated casing
    Weather and dust proof casing. Also available with enclosure IP66 or higher.
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