Oryx DTS Sensors

Oryx Dts – A Powerful Remote Logging Unit

The Oryx DTS offers the most advanced and reliable solution for monitoring harsh and remote environments.

The Oryx DTS is a compact Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system designed for harsh environments ideal for monitoring applications from desert to sub-zero conditions.The Oryx is an autonomous, low powered device allowing the system to be powered by solar or wind power. Combined with satellite, radio link, or fibre communications the Oryx becomes a powerful remote logging DTS unit.

Oryx Distributed Temperature Sensing Features And Benefits
  • High performance
    Industry leading temperature resolution enables accurate data collection
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40 to +65ºC
    Designed for outdoor installation from desert to sub-zero conditions.
  • Remote operation
    Cost effective as there is no need to be at DTS site for set-up, configuration, updates, or data access.
  • Server based data collector and processor
    Simple and intuitive user interface provides base-station set-up, communications options for multiple Oryx installations and data visualisation. Proven industrial standard software ensures reliable and continuous operation.
  • On-board memory
    Ensures high quantity of measurements can be taken. Ideal for “drive-by” collection of data where a communications system would be cost prohibitive. The Oryx can be configured directly in the field.
  • Ultra low power requirements (12-24V DC)
    Enables solar panel / wind power operation. Cost effective performance.
  • Housing enclosure (IP66 (NEMA 4) or higher)
    Weather and dust proof for cost effective deployment.
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