Leak Detection System for Oil and Gas Pipelines

refinery facility

At a time when integrity of supply has never been more important, leaks along increasingly remote oil and gas pipelines have obviously severe environmental and safety effects. Yet conventional pipeline monitoring solutions cannot give you the real time, continuous, non-intrusive DTS monitoring you need to avert expensive operational risks and delays. Only Sensornet’s Digital Pipeline Leak Detection system can pinpoint the tiniest leak to within 1 metre in seconds, without operational delay or risk.

Our Digital Pipeline Leak Detection system is an extremely versatile DTS solution that can be used to detect both liquid and gaseous leaks in diverse industrial applications such as:

– Gas transmission & distribution
– LNG pipelines and tanks (pipeline leakage detection systems)
– Oil transmission and distribution
– Steam pipelines
– Industrial processes (e.g. ethylene, ammonia, sulphur)
– Water pipelines

The DTS monitoring system can be used along long distance oil and gas pipelines with additional stations situated every 60km along the pipeline, providing full coverage of the entire pipeline. We offer the complete DTS monitoring solution package, including the initial application design input, system installation and integration, commissioning and data visualisation and interpretation.