DTS Intelligent Alarms

Pipeline monitoring from Sensornet


Versatile Zonal Alarm Configuration

You can easily configure the system to allocate multiple zones within the installation. Each zone can be configured separately and different alarm algorithms applied to each zone according to the specific environment. This ability to fine tune the alarm for each zone allows you to achieve the balance between optimising detection time and minimising the number of nuisance alerts.


Intelligent Alarms Algorithm

Sensornet’s intelligent alarms manage and analyse large amounts of distributed temperature sensing data and provide simple, effective outputs. Unlike conventional alarm systems that only have the capability to trigger at upper or lower levels, the Sensornet alarms module can analyse patterns in the data and can alert according to rates of change or deviation from averages.

This allows you to configure the alarms in each zone specifically to the environment and program the system to ignore ambient temperature deviations. For example the ambient temperature changes for a buried/underground installation will be very different from an overground environment. Sensornet has extensive experience in analysing data and has standard algorithms for specific situations and we can help you in configuring the alarms specifically to your environment.


System Integrity Alarm

The system also incorporates system watchdog alarms that monitor the status of all system hardware including both electronics and optical components. In the event that there is a fibre break or a hardware fault the user will be contacted immediately.


Alarm Output to Your Specifications

The alarms can be output using standard industrial SCADA protocols (e.g. MODBUS, OPC) or can be configured to hard wired electrical relay contacts. Also there is versatility in the DTS system to output the alarms over alternative methods such as email, or can be customised to your specifications.