DTS Environmental Monitoring


To ensure integrity of assets you need the most precise understanding of assets, events and changes. Our digital monitoring solutions give continuous and complete certainty.

Monitoring dams, dykes & levees

Understanding the precise structural state of your infrastructure is crucial and monitoring seepage from Dams, Dykes and Levees ensures the structural condition and safety of your assets. Together with our industry partners, only Sensornet provides the Digital Monitoring solutions with the sensitivity down to just 0.01˚C plus advanced evaluation techniques to ensure you can detect even the smallest amount of water movement across every metre of your assets.

Sensornet has carried out over 50 installations to date to provide early warning systems in dams, dykes, and tailing dams. In embankment dams abnormal leakage increase and movements are detected to prevent failures; in concrete dams we monitor temperature and strain to evaluate the integrity of the dam structure.

Temperature has been proven as one of the most sensitive and reliable methods to detect seepage changes in embankment dams. The distributed monitoring capability of the Sentinel-DTS system has further enhanced this technique by enabling the detection of small local seepage changes anywhere in the dam.

Monitoring Pipelines & Canals

As water becomes an increasingly scarce and critical resource, leaks need to be spotted instantly to facilitate fast remedial action. By making sure you know the exact location of every leak to the nearest metre along the entire length of your asset we can help you to stop leaks before they become a drain on your resources. Sensornet’s Digital Leak Detection means you can be sure you’re tracking leaks to conserve resources as well as improving your public image and environmental credentials.

The system can be used along long distance pipelines with additional stations situated every 90km along the pipeline, providing full coverage of the entire pipeline. We offer the complete DTS monitoring solution package, including the initial application design input, system installation and integration, commissioning and data visualisation and interpretation.

Environmental Profiling

To prevent expensive leaks and plan ahead with confidence you need to know precisely what is happening within your infrastructure. Sensornet’s Digital Environmental Profiling solutions detect vital environmental thermal trends and give you a complete picture of exactly what is happening and where – all with the highest sensitivity and real time accuracy.