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Sensornet launches longest range for DTS

In response to customer demands Sensornet has extended the range of the leading Sentinel DTS system.   A single channel with multi-mode fibre now extends to 45km.  Using a multiplexer this allows monitoring of 90km along a single pipeline.  When used with a 16 Channel Multiplexer it is possible to monitor a total of 720km.

The extended range DTS-XXR 45km offers the same temperature resolution of 0.1C in the field and the fastest measurement speed available.  The whole range of Sentinel products are CE marked and meet ATEX standards.

SIL-2 Rated DTS Leak Detection System

Industry Leading Performance

Sensornet System achieves SIL 2

The Sensornet fibre sensing solution, Site Integrity Level DTS, has been awarded SIL2 certification.  Used in critical safety environments such as LNG and Ammonia the system incorporates SentinelTM and the patented ATTS, Automatic Trip Testing System.  The ATTS creates temperature events on the sensing cable which must be detected and acknowledged by the integral PLC controller.  The tests are pseudo random and provide confidence that the leak detection system is actively monitoring these hazardous environments.  The Sentinel offers the longest range and quickest measurement times which ensures that leaks are quickly reported to the site DCS.

The solution is provided in a cabinet set up compatible with all control room environments.  The SIL2 rating allows users to meet Health and Safety requirements for their complete system, a first for fibre leak detection.

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