Digital Strain Sensing


Digital strain profiling to monitor with integrity

Sensornet’s revolutionary distributed strain sensor opens up a world of opportunity to monitor minute strains at every one metre along installations over 24 km in length. Key applications of the distributed strain sensor include:

Casing monitoring
Pipeline subsidence monitoring
Riser monitoring
Structural integrity
Distributed Pressure Sensing (DPS)

Unique capabilities of the Sensornet distributed strain monitoring system are:


Independent temperature and strain measurement

The Sensornet DTSS (Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensor) is the only system available that can independently measure strain and temperature at all points along a single length of optical fibre. The result is structural health monitoring everywhere in your installation.

Other systems suffer from cross talk between temperature and strain and require separate fibres to monitor strain and temperature. The Sensornet system provides true independent temperature and strain – removing ambiguity and maximizing the integrity of measurement.


Dynamic strain measurement

Only this unique system has the capability to perform dynamic distributed strain measurements. Sensornet’s unique technology allows fast, fully distributed measurements of strain at acquisition rates of up to 10Hz.

The ability to achieve real-time measures of strain at all points along the fibre enables the introduction of distributed optical fibre sensors into a range of new applications where this was not previously possible.


System Integration

Along with the system hardware, Sensornet has developed a range of strain sensing cables that can survive in extreme environments to monitor subsidence in downhole oilwells and compaction forces in dams.

As all Sensornet systems are designed using the latest technology it is very simple to transfer data and operate remotely over a network. Data is provided in an easy to use format, which can be readily interpreted by the user.


Specifications – TO BE CONFIRMED

Range – 24 km
Strain resolution – 10 με
Temperature resolution – 1 °C

The DTSS (Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensor) is capable of measuring strain on fibres of up to 24km in length. The system has been used in a number of commercial applications. You’ll find comprehensive examples in the case studies section.